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drawing a line | On With-Standing





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drawing a line | On With-Standing

Drawing a line | On With-Standing is dedicated to moments of pausing, of waiting and stasis, of stagnation and of hesitation. They stand in opposition to the ideal of continuous progress, growth and stringency.

The focus here is on the entire spectrum these moments can have: from 'Wider – Stehen' (literally 'with standing') in everyday things and situations and in one's own work, all the way to with-stand prevailing structures and political systems. Simultaneously the question of the future is raised, so what the 'next step', what progress, is.

The project Drawing a line | Vom Wider – Stehen questions these moments, depicting linearity as a figment of the imagination. It addresses going astray, doubt and supposed stagnation, and recognises these as completely unique, resistive and productive elements.

A project conceived and curated by Greta Hoheisel | Sven Christian Schuch


Curated within the curatorial trainée programme at PLATFORM3 - Spaces for Contemporary Art, supported by the department of Trade and Industry, Munich.