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springhouse catalogue 2014

springhouse catalogue 2011-13

The Backdoor of Curating?

The Nestt


springhouse catalogue, web version


The publication appears as part of the residency and exhibition project springhouse 2013, Dresden.


At the core of this publication is the attempt to (re-)activate the photographic material from the residency and exhibition project springhouse. The documentary images enable an understanding of the production process and the exhibition springhouse; they create memory and illustrate the process-like character of the art project in a special way.

In terms of form, the publication is divided into two sections: a comprehensive Bildatlas (visual atlas) and an artist/work index reduced to its key facts.
The insert shows the artworks as they were presented to the public at springhouse, and ascribes the artists to their corresponding works.
The much more extensive pictorial section defies being reduced to the "finished" artwork. It gives insight into all the facets of the project and reflects the activities of the first two editions in the years 2011 and 2012.

The criteria for ordering the pictures vary from formal coherences of the image compositions, to content-related associations and chronological series, all the way to associative jumps. This fragmentariness makes this loose connection in the eye of the beholder possible, thereby escaping fixed attributions.

The two-fold division in Bildatlas and artist/work index is bridged with constant cross-referencing, in itself an invitation to flip the pages in any direction, to lay the insert and the collection of material beside one another. The reader is encouraged to select their own approach, to leave the chosen path, to lose oneself, to go more in-depth and to pick up the trail once again later on. These processes actively trace spaces of contemplation, analogous to striding through (once real) processual development phases and exhibition situations.

The catalogue captures the process-like character of springhouse, the incremental attempt to understand a specific location, and the search for an appropriate exhibition form, putting artistic practice at the centre of its exploration. In this it goes far beyond a plain representation of something past; it integrates the future and forges a bridge to springhouse 2013, the artists and the place of its existence.



published in Germany by:
utopmania est.2001
po box 10 04 28 – 04004 Leipzig

Gottfried Binder

Megan Hayes

HP Laserjet 5200tn, HGB Leipzig
Bunter Hund, Berlin

1st edition, 150 copies

ISSN 2196 – 4491

funded by:
Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
Amt für Kultur- und Denkmalschutz der Landeshauptstadt Dresden
Dresdner Stiftung Kunst & Kultur der Ostsächsischen Sparkasse Dresden

The rights to texts and images are reserved by springhouse. We want to thank all participating artists and everyone who shared photo material.

© springhouse, the artists and inhabitants